Sunday, July 28, 2013

Norman's Farm Market CSA!

I have wanted to join a CSA for a while now. The idea of paying up front for a weekly supply of local, fresh produce that forces me to learn new recipes and eat better always sounded fantastic to me. After all, my family loves vegetables, but we often rely on the same vegetables for the same dishes. And God knows how depressing frozen spinach and broccoli are in the summer. Also, the closest supermarkets here are Safeway (great if you are into flaccid cucumbers) or Whole Foods (great if you consider money issues distasteful). Takoma Park's farmers' market is great, but I always forget about it or end up spending $20 on peaches alone. I need the budget constraints and the commitment of a pre-paid CSA membership.

Norman's CSA - Week 1

After a lot of research and suggestions about CSA in the DC area from local users, I decided to try Norman's Farm Market CSA program. I joined for their 8-week Mid Season with a Large share that costs $210 (about $26 per week). There are jumbo and small shares, too. I was intrigued by their prices/quantities, the fact that the share included vegetables AND fruit, the inclusion of multiple local farms (more variety), and the convenience of various pickup locations and dates in case I miss the ones I chose.

Today was our first pickup at Norman's, and I am THRILLED with the experience. We brought home a heavy bag of amazing-looking fruit and vegetables, and our first lunch (pasta with zucchini and a tomato and cucumber salad) reminded us that vegetables really do have flavor. Really, it's like we've been just Skyping with zucchini for years.

People at the market were nice and helpful, my son had a blast, we supported local farmers, and there was nobody playing folk music as we made our picks. If that isn't a WIN, you have to tell me what is.

I'll keep you posted on the experience.

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