Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Forgive this silly post, but the entire family is sick and suffering from massive sleep deprivation, so this is the best I can do. As some of you may know, I am ambivalent about superheroes and their unironic stronghold on the contemporary male psyche. I really hope children will grow less obsessed than their fathers with high-flying musclemen dealing with unresolved childhood traumas. To speed up the process, I've started my own little campaign of placing superheroes into a more rational perspective. It all began when I revealed to my Italian nephew that the name Wolverine is not a play on the word "wolf", but it refers to an actual skunk-like species whose name in Italian is gulo gulo, which sounds a lot like "ass ass". He was crushed, but I believe for the better.

Today, I'm making sure that my son's budding admiration for Spiderman is kept in check with this little song. To be administered three times a day for two weeks, at monthly intervals.

Spiderman theme song, revisited.


  1. Ahahaha! Come on in Italian wolverine is "ghiottone"! Stop traumatizing your nephew!!

    1. Ormai e' fatta, Anna! E cmq anche ghiottone non e' un gran nome. Si pensava anche cosa sarebbe successo se avessero assunto un traduttore di merda per la serie degli X-Men. Immagina la presentazione con la classica voce bassa: "Cervellone... Calamito... Nuvolona... Gulo-Gulo... Prossimamente su questi schermi... I Tipi X!"